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Confessions of a Brownie Drop-Out

An underachieving high-achiever

I was brand new in 1982
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Female. 30. Married with two cat children. Work in a library.
"Varium et mutabile semper femina." Mercury, to Aeneas (Vergil)


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20/20, 30 rock, 48 hours mystery, adaptation, alice in chains, american elf, ancient stuff, antiques, antiques roadshow, antiquing, apple cider, apple crisp, apple pie, apples, arcade fire, archives, art books, art shows, b. kliban, banksy, beatles, ben & jerry's, block prints, blur, boston, cadbury chocolate, calvin and hobbes, cats, celebrity gossip, chocolate, cillian murphy, classic rock, clay things, cops, craig ferguson, craig's list, crunch coat, dandy warhols, david byrne, dead confederate, death masks, decemberists, decorating, decoupage, deer hoof, dexter, diamonds, district 9, douglas adams, eames era, egyptian art, etsy, fennel, firefly, french toast, gary larson, ghost hunters, ghosts, glass things, gone with the wind, gross stuff, grunge, herman hesse, hgtv, hieronymous bosch, hiroshige, history detectives, horace, italian ice, james kochalka, jane austen, jewelry, kings of leon, latin, lavender, le loup, lost, m&ms, mad men, maple ice cream, masterpiece theatre, medieval art, memento mori, memoirs of a geisha, michael palin, mid-century style, mod furniture, modern art, montreal, monty python, mst3k, muse, museums, my left foot, nirvana, norm abram, oasis, ontd, ovid, painting, pavement, peter gabriel, peter jennings, photography, pixies, portishead, pottery, pusa, qotsa, radiohead, reading, red dwarf, rick mercer, roman and greek authors, scary stories, scientific american frontiers, serenity, sigur ros, six feet under, smashing pumpkins, soundgarden, sparkly things, spoon, stephen fry, stp, talking heads, tears for fears, terence, tess of the d'urbevilles, thai food, the deadly syndrome, the far side, the office, the paranormal, thom yorke, thrift finds, thrifting, tom silva, tool, vanilla, vergil, vermont, victorian mourning photography, watercolors, white stripes, william blake, yo la tengo